Special Post #9: Accommodation, Part 6 – “Sign here: ____________________________”

That’s right, it’s back! This is now the 6th part of the 5 part series. The first 5 parts covered all the key points up to getting a house: getting housemates, looking at lists, looking at houses, not getting a house, looking at more houses and finally getting a house. Now the story takes its new turn: living in a house! But… before we get there (because we’re not there yet!) we have to cover the final piece in the ‘getting a house’ puzzle: signing the tenancy agreement and meeting the landlord. Enjoy :-)

Today we signed the tenancy agreement on the house! We met with the landlord at 7pm to ask questions and do the deed. Earlier in the day we’d all met up for the first time since our celebrations over 6 weeks ago. We caught up and read through the agreement together. Also talked about a few things that were bothering us like who’s room is who (now sorted) and about paying rent.

Signing was very painless, but its good to finally know that we definitely have a house: signed, sealed and delivered. We met the landlord and his wife who seem very friendly about everything and very good landlords. One of the current tenants also said how good they were at fixing things, so that gives us a good impression. We also took the opportunity to take another sneaky peek around the house. This time Will took pictures of every room and even a video! So I’ll get that up here as soon as I have it.

It’s becoming more and more apparent how great this is going to be next year. The more I get to meet everyone, the more we seem to get along. Stay tuned to hear about how life is living in a house! I know we’ve got plenty of time yet, but a little anticipation never hurt anyone!

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  1. >I get the one I wanted which is at the top of the stairs on the right. I’ll show you some pics when I get them!

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