Sunshine makes me happy

Hello. Still in Guildford. Been making progress on my revision since I’ve been here. Yesterday I got free ice cream from the very generous Ben & Jerry’s, it was a dream come true! Also had a good evening with a friend of mine at Channies. Today I’m off to be re-aquatinted with Tesco then studying with Josh this afternoon.

Woo! I love it when the sun in shining. Look forward to seeing you James soon! And missing mum and dad already, a little :)

If you’re reading this, don’t! Go and enjoy the sun! Go on, go!

Love, Charles.

  • Happiness: 8/10
  • Workload: 10/10 (get used to this over the next few weeks)
  • Last meal: TOAST! I know, multitalented this one.
  • Thought for the day: I eat ready for breakfast!

PS: If this post is too happy for you, take solace in knowing that I am not like this all the time.