The Consumer Electronics Show

So I have been following the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas since Wednesday afternoon. Its been very good so far so I thought I’d give you a few of my highlights:

  • Windows 7: This is the news that Microsoft are today (Friday) releasing a free public test version of there new version of windows, the successor to Windows Vista, Windows 7. To be honest, this news came as no surprise, but it means I will finally get a chance to try out Windows 7 for myself.

  • Sony 27” OLED TV: Sony have on display a 27” OLED TV. This is amazing for a few reasons:
    • Firstly, the technology makes colours on TV’s so much clearer and sharper with a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio. It is also ultra thin, less than 10mm. And it requires much less power to run than existing plasmas or LCD TV’s.
    • The second reason its so amazing is that the only OLED TV you can buy today is an 11” model (from Sonly), so to jump to 27” in only 1 year is pretty huge.
    • The third reason is that its just so shiny!

  • The new Palm smart phone: So this was the big news of yesterday, that Palm have announced the latest version of their phone operating system and the first phone to run it, the “Pre”. It’s supposedly going to bring Palm back into the smart phone space. Looks good, certainly better than their current, dated interface. It also does everything that people want nowadays: camera, touch-screen, music, etc.

  • Panasonic 3D HD Home Theatre: OK, so this ones just a cool concept. Its 3D. Its HD. It… still requires you to wear those funky glasses, but hey! It’s still really cool!

Alright. That just about wraps this up for now. That’s just a small look at some of the cool stuff I’ve found so far at this years CES.

Check back with you all soon.

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