The Devil Makes Work For Idle Minds

Friday went really well. I’m very happy with the presentation we gave in the afternoon and then I submitted a large group project to get that finished. Sound like cause for celebration? Josh and I thought so. Obviously I remember the entire evening crystal clear and no alcohol was involved at all. The fact that the following morning half a case of cider had gone missing was pure coincidence. But seriously, it was fun to relax with Josh for a bit before going to the union. It seems like we’re forever doing work together sometimes…

Saturday night I went climbing, only the gym was closed so I went to Sophie & Hannah’s house instead. I love those impromptu evenings where you end up catching up with friends you haven’t seen in ages.

Sunday Mum, Dad & Beth paid a visit and cooked Sunday Lunch for the entire house. First time we’ve all sat down for a meal together and it was great. That evening Josh, Anne and played UNO for about 6 hours, brought back lots of memories from sixth form when I’d play it every day :)

The week started with some filming on Monday, just a note: If you’re filming a radio advert, you don’t need a camera and autocue! It was good fun anyway and Adam and I chance to bounce around plenty of cool ideas for future MAD TV reports.

Monday evening I had 2 Stage Crew meetings. They went on for hours and I didn’t really have anything to contribute to any of the discussions, I felt slightly surplus…

I got home and wanted to relax, what better way than to play UNO! Anne is good at UNO, and talking, so it wasn’t a shock that 3am rolled around and we were still there nattering…

Tuesday I decided to check off some errands I’d been meaning to do for ages. I got the brakes on my bike tightened and collected my tripod (the last of a line of self-bought Christmas presents after my camcorder and external hard drive). In the afternoon I ventured onto campus to edit a MAD TV report and then attended a MAD TV meeting.

I could talk for hours about MAD TV and the exciting things happening with it. There’s so much to do, and I find it all fascinating. I find myself wishing that I didn’t have to do my course so I spend all my time doing MAD TV. That says just as much about MAD TV as it does my dislike for my course at the moment…

Tuesday evening I helped Stage Crew setup comedy night. I used to love comedy night last year, and I went to it every week. I’m not sure if it’s because it doesn’t seem as funny as it used to, or because I don’t live 20 seconds walk from it any more…

MAD Wednesday was just that. I uploaded a new segment called “Assemble!”, which will eventually act as a series of adverts for MAD TV where we all gather together upon hearing Yas & Mike shouting “Assemble!”. I’m looking forward to releasing more in the future.

Then in the evening was another MAD TV meeting and then long talks into the night about what we could do to advertise MAD TV and progress on some of the bigger reports we’re working on.

That brings us to today. One lecture this morning reminds me how stupid our course is: Two of our lecturers have missed several lectures and the lecture this morning was a catch up. But we weren’t told which lecturer it was a catch up for. To be fair, when she turned up she did only have one leg, which might have been the reason for her absence.

Looking ahead at my schedule, I’m pretty busy until the 20th February with formative tests (there the ones that don’t actually count towards anything), coursework and MAD TV things. But I’ve planned another amazing boat trip for Easter! It’s going to be mega :D

  • Happiness. 6 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 2 out of 5
  • Workload. 9 out of 10
  • Last Meal. My 4 hour lunch: sandwiches, grapes, yogurt, chocolate, crisps…
  • Song of the day. The Kooks – Watching The Ships Roll In
  • Thought for the day. Brand new! The same as before, but slightly different.
  • What I’m Doing Now. Not sure, either: Not doing revision, not doing coursework, not applying for placements, not going to Tesco or looking forward to seeing Julie later (:

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