The End of Year 2: Part 1 – Goldschlager

So much has happened in the last week that I feel the only way to do it justice is go over it bit by bit. The saga is on-going until it ends so who knows how many parts this will have…

After the Maths exam on Monday it was time for me to start revising like mad for my Friday exam. I had been invited to go out every night that week, but resisted in order to get the most work done possible.

The big breakthrough came on Thursday spending the whole day with a few people from the course in the library going over the topics and answering lots of questions. It was a very productive day and, in hindsight, made all the difference on the day.

The exam itself could’ve gone either way depending on the questions, but luckily I opened the paper to find some very nice questions. Certainly put a smile on my face :)

After the exam it was time to celebrate. Off to Channies immediately to get a beverage and chill with my course mates. About half an hour later my housemates turned up and we walked home together. Back at the house was what me and Will had been waiting for… Goldschlager. A cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes in that packs a punch. It was Will and I’s idea to buy the bottle between us and drink over the week after exams to celebrate. 1pm on Friday was time for shot one.

(I would put a picture here, but my computer with the pictures on is packed away…)

After that the afternoon was spent going to Tesco to stock up on a certain liquid and then off to a BBQ. After one BBQ it was obviously time for another, so I went over to Julie and Sophie’s for BBQ two. I have lots of pictures of us playing Twister which will go online as soon as I am back up and running with my computer.

I left Sophie and Julie’s to head back home so, as a house, we could go to the lake party. The lake party is an annual party held next to the lake on campus. It’s organised by students for students and is supposedly “impromptu” and a “surprise”. The atmosphere at the lake was electric and loads of people I know were there. Needless to say that Will and I continued to drink the Goldschlager all night, until it was empty. So much for it lasting a week!

The sun came up and we were still partying. In the end Will, Heather, Lauren, James and I went to a local Café for a fry up breakfast at 7am. Very good way to end the evening and I’m sure is the reason I only had a headache for 6 hours…

Part two coming soon and will include the Saturday meet-up at Wagamama’s, bouncy castles and tennis. Stay tuned because not all is as it seems…