The End of Year 2: Part 2 – Bouncy Time

So much has happened in the last week that I feel the only way to do it justice is go over it bit by bit. The saga is on-going until it ends so who knows how many parts this will have…

After the events of the lake party, I woke up after a measly 4 hours sleep, which had been interrupted by 2 phone calls and a text message. Headache and memory loss played a part before taking to Will about what happened. We agreed to arrange a meet up with a few friends and go to Wagamama’s. A dozen text messages later and my stomach was more than ready for food. It was a great meal, good to see people again and just relax for the first time in weeks without having to worry about exams and revision.

After that, we headed back to our house for a spot of Monopoly and Strudel. Not the first time a night has ended this way, and I hope it isn’t the last. I just need to get better at monopoly…

On Sunday Criddle and I met up to buy snacks for Wimbledon the following day. A trip to Tesco later and we headed over to Emily’s for a bouncy castle BBQ. That’s right. Bouncy. Castle. BBQ.

It was amazing, the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and a great way to expend energy. Sunshine, burgers and friends are what Sunday’s were made for.

Sunday evening Criddle, Josh and I went to my house in Balham so we could get up and off to Wimbledon early in the morning. So good to see Beth again after so long. Loving the relaxing and chilling, can’t get enough of it.

So much for an early nights sleep as we got to bed at 1am for our 5am start to queue for Wimbledon!

That brings us up to Monday, Wimbledon day. The next post will cover Wimbledon and Anne’s birthday on Tuesday… still have Thorpe Park and moving out to talk about too!