The End of Year 2: Part 7 – Bumble B Tuna

The last post in the series covering the modicum of events that hatched in the week after my last exam.

After the moral maze of Wednesday and Thursday that ended in me changing my decision on who to live with for the next 12 months, all my energy had been spent. The rest of the week comprised of me moving out of ZION and into 63 (as it shall now be known). With the help of Josh and his dad’s horse trailer, all my things (a lot as it turns out) moved 2 minutes down the road to my new home.

The rest of the time was a combination of tidying ZION before we all left, and playing with Bumble B Tuna. Bumble B Tuna is the name given to a cat that had taken to coming into the house and keeping us company on a daily basis:




Josh left the house on Thursday, Will on Friday and Viv on Saturday. On Sunday morning Anne left with her dad to travel back to Guernsey, and I was left all alone :(

I packed up the last of my things and sat in the garden for the last time… Using a Tesco shopping trolley to carry the last of the food in the freezer, I walked to 63. This was now my new home and my next new start.

Tomorrow is another accommodation post, since there’s a lot of that at the moment. I’ll introduce you to the house, my housemates and tell you how this year is going to be another memory masterpiece that’s just waiting to be painted :)

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