The start of something beautiful

Wow. Time flies when you’re not watching it. Since yesterdays post I’ve been catching up with the good times.

Yesterday my favourite brother came to see me. We had a cool lunch at Wates, the pub 1 minutes walk away. Then I helped out setting up video things for the union’s AGM. James cooked a mean dinner for me and some friends which was beyond kind and definitely greatly enjoyed and appreciated. We all had a good time and went off to comedy night to round off the day.

Fajitas (4)

Today (AKA Wednesday) I went to Thorpe Park with Josh & Lauren. We managed 18 rides going upside down 27 times! We were all shattered at the end of the day and if it wasn’t for the sugar intake from the BOGOF Yorkie chocolate bars me and Josh wouldn’t have managed to stay awake. It didn’t help that the bus on the way back was delayed by 50 minutes, leaving us in Thorpe’s car park for too long to be reasonable.

However, that didn’t dampen our spirits as I’d finally got a chance to ride SAW (the new ride). Very good. Can’t wait go get another go next time!

Tomorrow is going to be a bit more laid back. I need to visit the Tesco-man (possibly for the last time!) and then I’ll see how it goes.

  • Happiness: 8/10
  • Tiredness: 8/10 (the new measure for the summer!)
  • Last meal: Cheese on toast (unless you count Yorkie bars…)
  • Thought for the day: Live your life with integrity.

PS: I watched this video on YouTube which was very funny, but at the same time had a moral, check it out…

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  1. >Wooo Hooo i got a mention :-) Was good fun. Glad you enjoyed yesterday as well. Spk sn, James

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