The Story So Far

University is only a week away now, and now is a good time to take stock of where I am and what I’ve got. The last few months have been very peaceful. After finishing Sixth form in July I have indicated my way into the slow lane and comfortably stayed there for the past two months.


In July, I and four friends spent two weeks on the boat having a great time. We went round the canals in Birmingham and stopped off at Drayton Manor on the way. Really, it was the basis of the whole trip as we effectively just went there and back in a big circle).


The remainder of the holiday has largely been spent sleeping (I wish!) with exception of the night before results day. But, never fear the news was good and AAB was the exact result I needed to get into Surrey. And for those who want a detailed breakdown of my results, you’re very unusual. 


Two weeks ago I went to Sheffield to visit my sister, Becky, in her new, very cool, house. I really enjoyed it because I got to witness the arrival of two cats (Millie & Daisy) who are so cute (I’ll add a video later), Jordan’s first day at school, Alastair’s first day at nursery, plenty of trips to the swimming pool (three in total) and a grand mish-mash of family for my birthday party on Saturday. The whole time over the last two weeks has been amazing and really fun.


Arriving back to London on Sunday night gave me the opportunity to go to Thorpe Park one last time (well, until October) with some friends before we all go our separate ways and never see each other again.


So now it’s down to business. With a mountain of packing to do and an Everest of paperwork to get around, I certainly won’t be sleeping much for the next few days.


I’ll be keeping you up-to-date with my latest goings-on and giving you more details of the first week of my new life in the coming days. I hope you find this blog as much fun to read as I do writing it.