The University of Surrey

That’s it! Christmas is over. Tomorrow marks the day I return to university life. Am I excited? Hell yea! But I’m also aware that this term is going to be hard work…

I face 10 weeks of lectures before my next break for Easter, and after that, it’s Exams all the way. That, to me, is a daunting thought. It means that, even more than last semester, this one needs to be very carefully balanced between having fun, relaxing and working. It’s the hardest balance of all to maintain.

I was lucky last semester because, if I felt like the work was too hard I could rest assured I had plenty of time to figure it out. This time, its all got to start coming together so I’m thoroughly prepared when the exams roll around.

My timetable is approximately 23 hours of lectures a week. That still includes 6 hours of lab work. It works about the same as last semester, with the odd lecturer change here and there.

I’m most looking forward to Stage Crew again, but also getting back on the climbing wall. It’ll be great to see everyone again as well.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Monday. Organise things, back to lectures
  • Tuesday. Climbing
  • Wednesday. S Club 3 with stage crew
  • Thursday. LOST is back!
  • Friday. Who knows!

Here’s a picture of Becky and Jordan ice-skating on Thursday. I was trying to skate backwards and take a picture of two other people on skates at the same time. Don’t try it, it just doesn’t work…


I think it’s time for the return of the “in-brief-o-meter”:

  • Happiness: 6/10
  • Workload: 6/10
  • Last meal: A superb medley of flavours
  • Thought for the day: Life is like a box of chocolates, its always good.

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  1. >Glad you aint studying photography! :) Good skating Charlie… May I add you where the only one of us that didnt fall over! My finger nail is still blueish! x

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