The Weekend Part 1: Friday

So in the run up to my big, birthday bonanza weekend, I had Wednesday and Thursday largely to myself. I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember what I did then, but I definitely spent a lot of time organising the birthday madness.

On Friday morning Phil arrived in Balham at 11:30am. James drove us to ASDA where Phil and I spent almost 2 hours buying food for the BBQ. We didn’t even have to buy the meat, that was purchased by Mum at the butchers later the same day. After emptying my pocket of a substantial sum of money, and filling the car (and subsequently the fridge) with tons of chocolate, cakes, crisps, biscuits, bacon, sausages, fruit, vegetables, cider, cider, cider and more cider, me and Phil made sandwiches and sat in the garden for a break. Not 10 minutes later (and I hadn’t even finished my sandwich) Matthew arrived. A few minutes after that Ben and Kevin turned up too. We sat around in the garden, catching up and waiting for Murat. Once Murat had arrived we went to the 99p store to buy chocolate fingers, an essential ingredient to any party. With that task complete we spent a couple more hours talking in the living room, sharing pictures of summer and eating pizza.

By 7:15pm, we were a mass of 9 people on the train heading to Clapham Junction. Once we got there we picked up 1 more to bring our total to 10. Off to Jongleurs!

We had a brilliant time at Jongleurs, there was a great mix of people who I knew from sixth form, university and family which I found refreshing. The comedians we’re definitely funny and I couldn’t fault the evening in the slightest. After the comedy we hung around for a bit longer before going to The Slug And Lettuce for another pint. By this time a few people had left and it was quiet enough to have a slightly drunken conversation between the 6 of us.

We got kicked out of The Slug at close and caught the last train back to Balham. Jokes on the train about the people we sat near not being very well, but that didn’t dampen our spirits :)

Got back to the house and I think we hung around in the living room a bit before going to bed. We had a busy day ahead of us…