The Weekend Part 2: Saturday

Got up at 10am and instantly regretted it. It’s not worth dwelling on this point too much, but suffice to say that the next few hours were taken with care.

With everyone up and not raring to go, by about 11:45am we decided we best get started preparing the food since people were arriving from 12pm. We pretty much had a salad down before Lauren arrived. Then I got Hugh from the station. That gave us excuse enough to sit in the garden and chat. Matthew and Eve arrived and joined us.

Beyond that, we started the BBQ about 2:30-ish and didn’t stop until much, much later. Everyone turned up and the food and drink flowed…

Surprise of the year goes to Becky and Barry for coming all the way from Sheffield to join the party, which I had no idea was going to happen. From when that happened at about 6pm I couldn’t stop smiling. Josh and Jess turned up and I spoke to them for a bit to catch up on their summers.

We watched the “I’m On A Boat Narrowboat Edition Featuring Sousant”, which was definitely a personal highlight for me. It went down really well and I was so pleased to be able to show it to so many people at once, most of whom feature.

I think we totalled near 20 when it came time to sing happy birthday.

After that, it was dessert time. Jelly, ice cream, chocolate cake and chocolate. We moved into the living room as it got dark to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I may have briefly fallen asleep at this point.

I can only be vague as to what happened after this. Some time was spent in the summerhouse talking and eating steak at about midnight. Then we we’re all inside watching things on YouTube, talking and listening to music for a while. Being in the bathroom at 3am brushing my teeth…