These Four Walls – National Poetry Day

The first Thursday in October is National Poetry Day, and long time readers of this blog will know that I write poetry every once in a while. This years theme is ‘remember’, so I’ve chosen to share a poem I wrote back when I was 21. This poem is about a guy desperately trying to remember an intimate moment from his past, to stop it from slipping away and disappearing from his conciousness forever; and hoping that somehow, somewhere, she’s doing the same thing.

These Four Walls

These four walls talk less than they once did.
If I’m falling through a dream, into the real world;
can I follow a moment, and recreate the scene?

The intangible twilight and unspeakable senses,
a flawless hand could touch, but what?
A choice too boundless to imagine.
To hug the shore of unbroken law,
and beat the seams of every undreamt dream.

Flows of comes and goes, and the night of never-ending.
Then face the truth? And never see you again?
Since the change in pace, my heart has beat in one place.
The place you were, and left tired since.
See goodbye, but fake a new hello.
Why over remains? When everything else will go?

Without this flow of running lust,
and time ever after heartbeats forgot.
Custom a reason, or facet a plan,
I’m making my statement, to do what I can.
Come with me or reprieve, take a chance or make me leave.
I can’t watch your back again, when faces beautiful seldom fly from dreams into these four walls.

One final touch, won’t satisfy my lust.
Take a please, and find a place for me.
I won’t bother the dreams, just tuck into your head,
make a bed and sleep in your conscience.
Just to know I’m there will be enough,
to return to these four walls again.