These Things I’ll Never Say

This week So it has been a pretty hectic weekend and end of week. My last lectures on Friday were my last lectures, which is always good. Confusing though, so need to definitely do some revision.

Did stage crew on Friday night, 90’s night. Very 90’s, what can I say. Had a good time. (Sounds promiscuous, but wasn’t).

Saturday was a wipe-out, as always after a Friday gig. But I did watch “The Pursuit Of Happiness” with some friends, such a brilliant film.

Sunday I had a day learning how to operate the sound at a gig on a Stage Crew Training Day. Learnt a lot and am looking forward to working the sound desk at the next gig (either today or Thursday).

This week I have one lecture today and that is it. So I’ve signed up for 2 stage crew gigs and its the stage crew Christmas party on Saturday.

Haven’t been climbing for a week so will go along to that at some point. I also need to do some revision for my exams next week that don’t count for anything and will be self-marked (AKA “formative”).

Doing my laundry at the moment, FUN FUN FUN!

Hope everyone is having a great time and I’ll see you all soon!

  • Happiness: 7/10
  • Workload: 5/10
  • Last meal: Cereal returns! (what do you expect it’s 11am)
  • Thought for the day: Just as well I did enough at the weekend to avoid having to talk about Thursday night.
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    1. >Ermmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Now………. Do I really want to know? ;) Little bro at uni!? Living away from home! Getting up to ‘who knows what’. My sweet innocent little brother! Arrrrrrhhh… I should never of asked… De dar de. Fingers in ears “lar lar la” – I cant hear you!

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