Those 9 Days: Part 3 – Scene Missing

Wednesday 16th December

2 morning lectures to start the day, more things to look over later. Then me and Josh went off into town to do a spot of Christmas shopping. And it started to snow :)

In the afternoon I ended up wrapping presents. Then at 5pm it was MAD TV time. Committee meeting and then the general meeting. Lots of good ideas were put forward. One I really like is a report on international students, how they find surrey,what facilities are available and we plan to get statistics and interviews with people in charge of international societies and applications.

Thursday 17th December

More lectures and more wrapping presents. Then in the evening was the MADsoc Christmas dinner at a local pub. 3 courses for £9.95 spelt a good night :) Another one of those good natured nights just chatting, but the conversation was more lively than crew dinner, probably due to most people being actors.

Friday 18th December

A full day of labs is not a fun way to end the year, but then it had to be done. Fortunately the practical side of the project was mostly done so I spent my time planning the write up and our presentation. Few bits of documentation here and finding out who would do what over Christmas.

At 5pm it was time to leave, and time for the celebrations to begin. At 5pm exactly I had been invited for drinks with other media engineers by our course organiser. Only about 5 people turned up, but it was a good laugh for an hour or so anyway. After that I cycled home for a quick change of clothes before meeting up with Phil, Malcolm and Rob for a Chinese meal in town.

We’d been there once before last year and Lauren and I made the mistake of not ordering the set meal and having to watch as lashings of gorgeous food poured onto the table for Phil and Rob, none of which we could touch. Until eventually 2 small dishes emerged, they were ours… Needless to say this was not a mistake to be repeated, so this time I had the set meal with Malcolm, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

After the meal I went over to Sophie’s and Julie’s for a spot of cider (Kopparberg to be precise) before heading out to Rubix for the Xmas party!

We arrived at about 10:45pm and went straight to the bar. It was a good night in all, at least what I remember of it, which to be honest is very little. I learnt that Goldschlager is an amazing shot, but takes you away to the fairies in no time!

So that’s pretty much it for the end of term, I had the time of my life and couldn’t imagine spending it any other way or with anybody different.

In the next few posts I’m going to be looking back at the last 365 days, and seeing what made it the best year of my life (so far…)