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Happy New Year!

Despite the hours of programming I do for my PhD research, I also like to dabble in my spare time with more Web 2.0 things. The main reason I can think for doing this is because it’s something quite simple in comparison to my day-to-day work, and often nicely self-contained.

Recently I wrote a small web script that can determine how positive or negative someone is on Twitter by analysing their individual tweets using a technique known as sentiment analysis.I used a company called Alchemy API that tells you how positive or negative a sentence is using sentiment analysis.

My little program basically tells you how positive or negative any Twitter user is just by analysing their recent tweets.  Check out how positive your twitter feed is and post your results in the comments! It also ranks the tweets in order of positivity, so you can see where you might be most negative or positive.

Have a go using Twitter Mood!

As a starting point, you can try it on my Twitter screen name “cgrayscale”. Or try BarackObama, David_Cameron or shitlondon‎.

Twitter Mood
click on the image above to try Twitter Mood for yourself


It’s only designed as a bit of fun for now, just a little side project.

I am still working on my horror short by the way, but the last couple months of 2013 seemed to run away from me a bit! It’s still going to happen though so watch this space!

One thought on “Twitter Mood”

  1. Analysed 7 tweets and found steeler_b to be…
    57% Positive

    RT @jesus: Just once, I’d like a surprise birthday party. (37%)
    You beauty @steelershockey (20%)
    Thanks @PremierSportsTV wonderful coverage. No better way to spend Saturday night. Becky, Squeeze and Alan (7%)
    RT @paullewismoney: RBS/NatWest/UlsterBank – I’m hearing credit cards are working. It is the banking system that’s gone. Déjà vu anyone? (5%)
    RT @DHFSUpdate: It is with deep sadness that we have to tell you that Callum Hubbard passed away at 9am this morning. God bless, Callum. A… (-7%)
    @fourfivemedia following the game from home as my boy has broken his leg. LETS GO STEELERS! (-17%)
    @PEAKFMSTUDIO Dronfield Henry Fanshawe school is “CLOSED today due to the treacherous conditions and prediction for more snow.” (-29%)

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