Long Run Nutrition

Good news from the physio! Apparently the problems with my knee have been caused by a tight IT band on my left leg. There’s no damage to my knee, and with a bit of stretching to that area it should be fine!

So with that good news I set about a full week of marathon training, including a 10km lunch run, an interval session, and my longest run so far: a 33km jaunt along the canal.

I also finally get serious about nutrition for my long run. Turns out you can’t just run a marathon without eating anything during the race, so I need to think about how I’m going to get about 400-500 calories during the race and practice that in my long runs from now on.

Only 7 weeks to go before the big marathon race day :/

Thames Meander Half Marathon

Week 10 of training for my first marathon and it’s time for the next big milestone: my first race. I’ve never run in a race setting before, and I’m on my own during the race. Thankfully I did have my girlfriend and my parents come along to cheer me on and calm my nerves before the start.

I chose the Thames Meander Half Marathon – the course starts in Kingston and follows the River Thames downstream to Kew Gardens where you turn around and run all the way back! It was a beautiful route and one I can highly recommend.

Having had some trouble with my knee over the last two weeks I was really not sure how this would go, so I’m very happy with the outcome!

The marathon is only 8 weeks away!


Running in Bridgnorth

This week has all been about keeping my runner’s knee at bay. With only 1 week left until my half marathon race I don’t want to do anything to agitate the knee into a full-blown injury which would prevent me from finishing the race.

To that end, I only ran twice this week – a 6km on Thursday lunchtime, and a longer run on Saturday in Bridgnorth.

Next week is the half marathon!

Runner’s Knee

I hit my first major hurdle this week. After having a relatively normal week of training, I found myself unable to complete my 24k long run on Sunday.

My knee started to twinge quite badly, sending shooting pain up my leg as I was running. I had to cut the run short, and ask Emily to come and collect me in the car. Not great just 2 weeks before my half marathon.