Off to Paris

Just a short post this week as final preparations are coming together for my trip to Paris next week. As I mentioned a few months ago, some of my work got accepted into the International Conference on Image Processing taking place next week in Paris, and now you can see my name in the program listing:

My paper in the ICIP 2014 technical program. I can tell you’re excited.

I’ll take lots of pictures for you all, and I’m taking my GoPro just in case :P

Speaking of GoPro, here’s the full timelapse for the Garden Soc Polytunnel building…

Can’t promise a post next week, but you never know,

Charles x

Climbing & Building a Polytunnel

As promised last week, I’ve got some videos taken with my new GoPro for you to pass through your cornea.

The first delight I have in store for you is footage taken at Craggy Island in Guildford – a large, indoor climbing centre with top rope and lead climbing walls. Since I’m new to the whole lead climbing malarkey, this video doesn’t exactly show the most extreme routes in the world, but for people who have never been climbing and want to see what it’s like, it’s a great insight into the whole thing.

I’ve also been testing out the timelapse function of the GoPro – where photos are taken at regular intervals and then stuck together to make a super-fast-forwarded video. I always thought timelapses of construction work looked super cool, so I timelapsed Garden Soc‘s 35ft polytunnel construction at the weekend.

The weekend started with a major setback when we discovered the builders had concreted the ground tubes in the wrong place, despite being given the polytunnel instructions and being explicitly told not to use concrete. We spent the first few hours digging out eight tubes (and their associated concrete blocks) and moving them all one foot to the right. Even still, by the end of the weekend we managed to get the polytunnel frame and sides complete with only the poly on the roof still to do – incredible progress considering the setback, and all thanks to literally dozens of volunteers who helped out despite the rainy conditions.

This weekend we’re going to get the polytunnel finished, as well as build a shed and some raised beds, so you can expect another timelapse very soon :P

Until next week,

Charles x


Never get the lyrics wrong to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky ever again with just a few lines of code…

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
   string pronoun[3] = { "She's", "I'm", "We're" };
   string endline[4] = { "'til the sun", "to get some", "for good fun", "to get lucky" };

   for(int i = 0; i < 12; i++)
      cout << pronoun[i < 4 ? i % 2 : 2] << " up all night " << endline[i < 8 ? i % 4 : 3] << endl;
      if(i % 4 == 3) cout << endl;

The Arrest

A while ago I posted a picture of my kitchen covered in highlighter pen and UV ink without any explanation, I just asked you to be patient with me. Well today I shall explain. We we’re filming the intro sequence for a two-part series for StagTV in which my mate Mike Frazer gets arrested by Surrey Police and spend the night in a cell. The whole thing was arranged with the police to raise awareness amongst students of the repercussions of excessive drinking. It took an age in post-production, but it’s finally released for all you lovelies to enjoy!

Only Flirt in FLIRT!

Flirt! is the name of a brand associated with Friday night events held in 20 student unions throughout the UK. It started life at the University of Surrey, before growing out into other student unions. Last October when lots of freshers joined StagTV (the University of Surrey’s Student Television Station) everyone was split into groups and asked to make a short video about a given topic. I was the mentor for a group with three other people and our topic was Flirt nights.

Not wanting to go down the traditional StagTV route of a boring presenter-led news-style short, we did something different… and far more ambitious. We came up with dozens of ideas and eventually whittled it down to 13 we wanted to film. Then during the filming process some more ideas got canned and we ended up with the product you see now. It’s amazing how much the music adds to the whole piece! I think my next project will involve considering suitable music for a scene before even going to film to give the actors and the rest of the team a clearer idea of the emotion we’re trying to convey to the audience.

And what will my next video project be? Well it’s already begun, but it is rather ambitious… and that’s all I want to say about it for now. I do want to make the next project far more open with you guys and give you an insight into the production as it happens in a sort of behind-the-scenes kind of way.