What To Expect

The start of university is going to be full of surprises, but there are a few details I know already. I will arrive at the campus on Sunday and move into my room. In the evening I am invited to an informal welcome where I can meet a few staff and other students on my course and then another to meet people living in the same court as me. The rest of the week is packed with everything from welcomes to talks, tests to fairs and much, much more. Its fair to say that I’ll have plenty to be getting on with.
As for my room, my accommodation has been organized for about a month now. I am staying on part of the campus called Cathedral Court, which, incidentally, is next to the cathedral. It has about 7 blocks of rooms with 2 “houses” on each floor. Each house has 6 or 7 people living in it sharing two bathrooms and a kitchen. I’m living on the ground floor and am sharing with 5 other people. They mix everyone up so I will be sharing with people studying all sorts of things.
As for what else to expect, I’ll have to wait and see! Only 5 days to go now!