WOOSH! It’s behind you!

I refuse to believe it’s Thursday already. Which one of you has been changing with my clocks? I blame Becky for getting me a backwards clock for Christmas because this week has just flown by.

S Club 3 went brilliantly yesterday. I managed to get a video recording of them on stage with sound, which means I can watch it again, anytime, at my leisure.

The setup went well, in the end I had 5 cameras to use (although one was focused on the DJ so I didn’t use that while S Club were on. It was so great to be back doing video, I missed it so much.

As for today, I had an “Electrical Science” lecture this morning (AKA Physics), but the difference with this lecture was that the lecturer was a woman. I know, what’s all that about!? Up till now all our lecturers have been men.

After that it was back to the male lecturers with Digital Electronics. After a spot of lunch (and an episode of Lost) it was time for (DUN, DUN, DUN!!!!!) labs.

What a train wreck of 3 hours that was; but, nevertheless, everything should come together tomorrow (maybe).

After another episode of dinner, another episode of Lost, work and then talking to mum, dad and bro on the Skypes, I figured it would be time to write in my blog.

  • Happiness: 8/10
  • Workload: 7/10
  • Last meal: Chicken curry (or something resembling it)
  • Thought for the day: Reach for the stars.
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    1. >That’s right Charlie, blame it on me, I don’t mind being responsible for your week going so well!!! Fingers crossed you’ll pull off the ‘train wreck’ tomorrow, to make for an all round wonderful 1st week back, courtesy of yours truly.

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