You Forgot The Blueberries

Another week has been and gone, but more importantly… so has another weekend!

So far there have been 5 weekends in 2011, and they just seem to be getting better and better!

This last weekend was crazy Cardiff weekend. I went to visit Jake for fun times and that’s exactly what happened. Needless to say lots of Rum was consumed (it deserves a capital letter :P), and lots of catching up was had. Jake’s university halls are pretty damn small, and when I invaded with my Swiss suitcase full of stuff (but not chocolate this time) it did get a bit messy :S

Jake has come to visit me in Guildford a couple of times before, so it was great to finally switch roles. I swear Jake is so lucky with his housemates, they all seem really cool, and we got on straight away. Besides being badly conned in a drinking game designed to stitch me up, all the banter was brilliant :P

On Friday I arrived at about 10pm after quite an epic journey straight from work in Switzerland:

  • I left work at 2pm (1pm GMT)
  • 30 minute drive from the office to the Airport
  • Fly to Zurich airport, arriving at about 4pm
  • Fly from Zurich to London Heathrow (flight delayed by 30 minutes meant we arrived at 6:30pm)
  • Luckily I have perfected the art of wizzing through the airport, and got in the taxi 15 minutes later…
  • The taxi then drove me to Reading train station where I was to get the 7:48pm train…
  • After traffic on the M3, I got there with just 15 minutes to spare
  • Then I got on a very packed train to Cardiff, arriving at 9:30pm
  • At Cardiff Jake was there to greet me!
  • A 30 minute walk to his halls got us there just after 10pm… and then it was time to start the night!

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty shattered, considering I’d also got up at 7am (6am GMT) for work. But once the first drinking game was in full swing, the Friday bug kicked in and kept me going until 4am!

Saturday was a bit more civilised, which just about balances out the weekend nicely. Then on Sunday it was back on the train to Reading, taxi to Heathrow and to Zurich. A total of 27 hours travelling for 31 hours in Cardiff…. and it was worth every minute! Next time it’s Jake’s turn to visit :D

This week I’m back in Switzerland for work,  but already looking forward to next weekend!

  • Happiness. 11 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 5 out of 5 (sleeeeeeppzzzzzzzz) 
  • Free Time. 0 out of 5 (but who needs it when you’re having this much fun anyway!) 
  • Last Meal. Sausage rolls from Cardiff train station!
  • Song of the day. Joshua Radin – I’d Rather Be With You
  • Thought for the day. Toffee Apple Pie is pretty damn good! Thanks Becky! 
  • What I’m Doing Now. In Zurich Airport, sleeping in a dayroom. Walking around a deserted airport is quite creepy…

PS there’ve been a few advancements in the world of Inter-railing and accommodation for my final year, so I’ll update you on those soon

PPS You forgot the blueberries, skip to 55 seconds if you absolutely can’t wait, but it is worth it! Thanks for this one Jake :)